Biogas Wipptal GmbH

Biogas Wipptal Srl (Beneficiary in charge of coordination – BC): The company consists of 62 farmers operating in the Higher Isarco Valley, involved in the dairy farm sector (at the start, there were 47 associated farmers).

Within the project LIFE12-ENV/IT/000671 - LIFE OPTIMAL2012 the BC is the single point of contact for the European Commission. It is in charge of the coordination of the partners, of the construction of the buildings housing the digestate treatment plant and the drying and pelletizing section of the solid fertilizer, of the bringing into service of the system and the ordinary management of the same, of the economic evaluation of the system, the general evaluation plan of the system (environmental and socio-economic aspects), in collaboration with the other partners of the communication and dissemination of results, the project management and monitoring of the advancement of the project.

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