Suppliers and service providers

EDS Infrastrutture S.p.A.
Sede Legale:
Viale Delle Terme, 100
I-98050 Terme Vigliatore (Me)
T. +39 090 97828
F +39 090 9782828

Direzione Tecnica:

Via Giacomo Peroni 452
I-00131 Roma
T +39 06 45563 758
F +39 0645563 760

We follow the tradition of the great masters of innovation: courageous minds who changed the course of history and have accelerated progress. We are working with enterprises and the country to give practical solutions and excellent, reliable and fast, able to revive competitive infrastructures and improve the lives of all.
EdS INFRASTRUTTURE is a leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of high-tech integrated systems.
Founded in 1976, quickly established itself on the quality of the infrastructures and on systems realized, characterized by a high rate of innovation, becoming a partner and interlocutor of the main groups operating in its areas of activity.
EdS INFRASTRUTTURE develops services and innovative solutions for transport , telecommunications, energy and technological systems through the pursuit of the excellence of the systems proposed even in the emerging and highly innovative sectors.
In order to appropriately respond at the market requests EdS INFRASTRUTTURE created a dynamic structure , distributed throughout the country, covering several sectors that interact with each other in order to offer both an immediate capacity for action and integrated solutions, ensuring rapid deployment of personnel and equipment and capacity and quality of fullfillment and providing to each customer the most appropriate response.
The large fleet of work vehicles and equipment at the service of qualified human resources, allows to quickly respond any requirement

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