LIFE DOP – The digestate in organic farming– 17 novembre 2017 - Mantova

On November 17th 2017 the convention “Il digestato nell’agricoltura biologica – una sinergia fra produzione e...


Nutrient problem solved: South Tyrolean biogas plant prepares fermentation residues

From the digestate to the fertilizer pellet, that's nothing new. But now a biogas plant with innovative technology is...


The BIOGAS WIPPTAL pilot plant: an example of green economy with zero waste

In the 3rd issue of 2017 of the magazine BeInformed this article about the Biogas Wipptal was pubblished


From digestate to fertilizer

Livestock reflux, anaerobic digestion, treatment and drying of residual waste of biogas production


Presseberichte zum Tag der offenen Tür – 10. Juli 2017

Presseberichte zum Tag der offenen Tür am 10. Juli 2017


Doctorate on Biogas

A doctoral thesis was recently submitted to the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering at La Sapienza University...


Opening Ceremony and Churchs´Blessing (Kopie 1)

Solemnly inauguration and blessing of Biogas and manure processing plant on Monday the 10th of July 2017