Press releases

10.07.2017 -Press release of Biogas Wipptal (german language, italian langauge)
18.11.2016 Company Zunhammer presented the prototype  of LIFEOPTIMAL project at fair in Hannover
Click here for press release  (german language)
Click here for picture of prototype Reform
Click here for picture of prototype AEBI
27.07.2016 Press conference of Biogas Wipptal (german language)
14.01.2014 - Press release of Biogas Wipptal (german language)

Scientific / technical articles

27.07.2017 Land und Forst Nr 30 - Wipptaler setzen auf Gärrestpellets (german language)
21.09.2016 Biogas Journal Nr 5 - Im Wipptal produzieren 63 Landwirte Biogas (german language)


Project information/Project flyer

Project flyer


Amendment of urban land use plan - Map, Promemoria (german language)

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News: Participation at Biogas Science
From 17th to 19th September, the international conference "Biogas Science"...
News: Annual inspection: LIFE Optimal continues
On the 30th and 31st of July 2018 the annual control of the project activities...
News: LIFE DOP – The digestate in organic farming– 17 novembre 2017 - Mantova
On November 17th 2017 the convention “Il digestato nell’agricoltura biologica –...